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  1. 4.25
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    Had this device for 5 years. A great product once you get used to using it

    + PROS: Easy to use.
    - CONS: Takes a long time to start in the cold.
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  2. I have been promised, guaranteed a price match for monthly calibrations and monitoring, which is why I switched to LifeSafer, with a confirmation email, only to be LIED to when I went to get my installation. There was NO 265.00 credit to my account. All lies. There was no no installation fee. All lies. I paid 199.00. Then when I called LifeSafer they tried to say that was my credit as if there doing me a favor?? I paid for that, there was zero credit!! Then they said it was 25 off first month, also a lie. Then I get on the phone, after a 5 hour wait installation on my car just to wait 3 more hours and 7 Representatives later, to get put on hold 45minutes to 1 hour at a time to just get ahold of someone who kept saying a DIFFERENT quote each time! First its 54 dollars, then its 80, then its 47, then its 75. Each rep said its “in there system everyone can see it” but NO ONE can see it! No one is working together NO ONE has there stuff together. Even after I asked to speak to a supervisor 3 times, I was NEVER transferred exept hung up on. Then had to call back and supposedly they fixed my problem and spoke to there supervisor only to find out the next day guess what??? Nobody could see that fixed in there computers. Again!! It gets better, my brand new 2018 car quit starting AGAIN right after the installation on my car. Coincidence?? Now today after passing 7 blows, the car still wont start at all – m ik and you BRAND NEW CAR, BRABD NEW BATTERY!!! Then you’ll be driving down the road when it ask you to blow, sometimes it’ll show violate as if your blowing alcohol when theres ZERO ALCOHOL just to breath in it again a second later and pass. The whole system is messed up. And if the installation ruins my car, my attorney and I are suing and taking legal action. I have everything recorded and documented. Everything! Every phone call and every representative. This is the most unorganized and dysfunctional so called “company” I have ever dealt with. I thought Smart Start was horrible, haha, LifeSafer takes the cake on that one!!!

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