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  1. 1.75
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    The unit is HUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!! Seriously so big. The cord that plugs into looks like something that connected to a computer back in the 90’s! I don’t think they have ever updated their technology. You have to blow suck blow in order to test and it feels like your gonna pass out every time!

    + PROS: Nothing!
    - CONS: Blow suck blow to test Gargantuas and decrepit unit!
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    • Intoxalock is big and bulky but it seems to work great listening to loud music can make me miss a test but now I have a holster that puts the device in view so I can see when a test is on deck. Very helpful

  2. I called Intoxalock with a question regarding my device and it really floored me how rude the customer service rep was. I was amazed at the impatient and irritability that I was immediately greeted with. I so look forward to getting this bulky and awkward Intoxalock device out of my vehicle so that I never have to call or deal with Intoxalock again.

  3. Think long and hard before you volunteer to install this device. I made the mistake trying to prevent my license from being suspended prior to the DMV hearing. The closest installer to me was 80 miles away to start. I say okay its better than losing my license for the mandatory time for a 1st dui. I was told on the phone the install was like 15 minutes. It turned out to be 2 hours 15 minutes. I was also told that California residents had a free install. I guess free means 100 bucks. I was also told that I wouldnt need to take this in for calibration for at least 2 months. Today on my way to the store it says lockout and I have 4 days to take it in for service. Its been less than a month! What is that, my battery was never low, I never blew into the thing with any trace of alcohol. I called them up and tell them there is a service center 5 miles away across the state line and I need it fixed. I explained my situation. I guess that doesnt fly. Since I cant turn my paperwork into the DMV and retain my license due to it being closed Im forced to uninstall this myself and mail this piece of junk back to them. Of course they say if its uninstalled improperly I could be charged which is in the thousands! Its a few wires spliced into your ignition wires under the dash, but of course they will say you damaged it. On top of that you will be charged an early termination fee. Long story short, a 4 or 6 month DMV suspension is way better than dealing with this, for me anyway.

  4. This device is a disaster.

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