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  1. 1.75
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    The unit is HUGGGGGGGGEEEEEEE!!!! Seriously so big. The cord that plugs into looks like something that connected to a computer back in the 90’s! I don’t think they have ever updated their technology. You have to blow suck blow in order to test and it feels like your gonna pass out every time!

    + PROS: Nothing!
    - CONS: Blow suck blow to test Gargantuas and decrepit unit!
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    • Intoxalock is big and bulky but it seems to work great listening to loud music can make me miss a test but now I have a holster that puts the device in view so I can see when a test is on deck. Very helpful

  2. I called Intoxalock with a question regarding my device and it really floored me how rude the customer service rep was. I was amazed at the impatient and irritability that I was immediately greeted with. I so look forward to getting this bulky and awkward Intoxalock device out of my vehicle so that I never have to call or deal with Intoxalock again.

  3. Think long and hard before you volunteer to install this device. I made the mistake trying to prevent my license from being suspended prior to the DMV hearing. The closest installer to me was 80 miles away to start. I say okay its better than losing my license for the mandatory time for a 1st dui. I was told on the phone the install was like 15 minutes. It turned out to be 2 hours 15 minutes. I was also told that California residents had a free install. I guess free means 100 bucks. I was also told that I wouldnt need to take this in for calibration for at least 2 months. Today on my way to the store it says lockout and I have 4 days to take it in for service. Its been less than a month! What is that, my battery was never low, I never blew into the thing with any trace of alcohol. I called them up and tell them there is a service center 5 miles away across the state line and I need it fixed. I explained my situation. I guess that doesnt fly. Since I cant turn my paperwork into the DMV and retain my license due to it being closed Im forced to uninstall this myself and mail this piece of junk back to them. Of course they say if its uninstalled improperly I could be charged which is in the thousands! Its a few wires spliced into your ignition wires under the dash, but of course they will say you damaged it. On top of that you will be charged an early termination fee. Long story short, a 4 or 6 month DMV suspension is way better than dealing with this, for me anyway.

  4. This device is a disaster.

  5. 0.25
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    When I noticed the information about my State was inaccurate on the main page of the website and clumsy app I should of known this was going to be a circus.

    Customer service is horrible and RED FLAG cautious which leads to a lot of waisted time and energy. Payment resolutions and billing disputes are impossible to resolve. Rebates offered are not honored. State statutes and program policies are ignored. Hidden fees through the service centers. Deceptive POS debits RED FLAG of your electronic payment source are used for online transactions instead of reoccurring ACH payments and presents a huge problem for payment recovery.

    The device itself has destroyed three new Interstate batteries in 8 months and shorted out my electrical system, my oil pump quit working which caused spun bearings and the vehicle is no longer running. I had to pay for a device lockout each time, this service is also open to interpretation RED FLAG depending on which deceptive representative you are blessed with.

    Just $280 split payment between Intoxalock and service center RED FLAG provides all this fun and freedom to drive again, more hidden fees and phone calls. After 8 months of correspondence thru mostly email, Intoxalock actually sent me an auto-response to my last email saying they were no longer using that service and I needed to call them… RED FLAG

    For what it’s worth the device itself, I thought, was easier to breath in and out of than Draeger.

    + PROS: Easy to breath in.
    - CONS: Everything else about this companies unfair practices and device.
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    • My son’s battery failed after 3 mos of Intoxalock. Do you know why this happens? As a result of the failed battery the device went into lockout mode which he didn’t know about, shut down and had to be towed for $250? w/ the $75 fee! It looks like a scam to me ?‍♀️

  6. 0.5
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    Worst device and the customer service is horrible.

    + PROS: Cheap. But you get what you pay for
    - CONS: Worst customer service ever. Terrible device. Extra fees you pay when device malfunctions $75.00 each time. The company and the device are a joke
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  7. 0.5
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    I was told Intoxalock’s service would cost $74.99 per month and would be billed twice a month – on the first and third Friday of each month – at $37.49 each payment. What they did not mention is there is a monthly data processing fee and they mislead me with the initial statement of twice per month. The fact is it is not 24 payments (twice a month for 12 months), but instead 26 payments (every other week for a year). So both the monthly amount quoted and the number of payments was misrepresented.

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  8. Absolute trash company. Customer service is non-existent. Please, I beg you find another interlock device service to have installed in your vehicle. If you like waiting on hold for countless hours only to be transferred and replaced on hold only to be disconnected with several attempts, always the same out come (no help). Otherwise, be prepared for system malfunctions (with zero alcohol content, mouth wash or hand sanitizer as advised). Be patient when they tell you they’re sorry there are no tech supports available to help service agents when the system is not working properly. Plan ahead to take cabs because your vehicle will be inoperable due to a system malfunction or cold temperatures freezing up the units, with absolutely no remote access to unit installed in your vehicle just to travel to different shops in hopes they can fix the ancient operating unit, also make sure you setup appointments in advance. You better home the unit does not fail from technical issues on the weekend because you will not have a vehicle nor assistance. Always park your vehicle in a safe, friendly convenient space or you will not be able to access it for days due to the company’s incompetence to provide the service they are paid to do, which is to make sure they supply you with a functioning unit that works properly or ability to provide expeditious service to get your vehicle up and fully running again.

  9. Don’t do it. Would write a proper review but everyone seems to have said all the things I wanted to say. Save yourself a headache and run as far as you can from this company. Pay that extra money to a diff company.

  10. 0.25
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    Terrible company. They will answer the phone immediately for new potential customers but once you are a customer and are in there system you will wait on hold for 2 hours minimum before getting anyone to speak with you. The device has nothing but problems and I had my car towed 5 times in a 4 month period. Avoid then at all costs.

    + PROS: Pros
    - CONS: Constant problems putting vehicle in lockout and no customer service once you are a customer. My car needed to be towed 5 times in a 4month period
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  11. 0.5
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    Do not get this device installed on your vehicle I repeat do not install this on your vehicle. I would not tell my worst enemy to get this on there vehicle. They will take your money for things that are out of your control this device killed my battery that put it in a lockout. Missed Dr appointments and Court appearances etc. Device can’t be trusted. Go with Smart lock.

    + PROS: None
    - CONS: Everything
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  12. 0.5
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    I had the device removed today.The customer service is terrible. It generally takes 20 minutes for someone to answer the phone. On a number of issues I received conflicting or inaccurate information. They refuse to transfer you to a supervisor or the compliance dept. The device is difficult to operate and particularly while driving. It will definitely drain your battery. I had to replace the battery on a 2020 MDX. There was a constant problem starting the car after driving short distance like going to the store. Despite repeated requests I got no help. I did find using a solar trickle charger helped. The worst problem is with removal. NOTE: I FOUND IT VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE TO HAVE THE DEVICE REMOVED ON THE COURT APPOINTED END DATE. AS A RESULT THEY CHARGE YOU FOR A FULL MONTH LEASE. THERE WAS A $70 FEE FOR ENDING THE LEASE. FOR WHAT ?? THERE WAS ALSO A $112 REMOVAL FEE FROM THE INSTALLER. i WOULD SUGGEST THAT NO OTHER COMPANY COULD BE WORSE.

    + PROS: none
    - CONS: poor customer service extra charges difficult to use drains battery
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  13. 0.25
    Customer Service
    User Friendliness

    My experience was terrible!!!!! Very expensive, and after you sign up – no help!!!

    + PROS: None - absolutely none
    - CONS: They are kind and helping in the beginning and when you sign up, you can't reach anyone for help. Very expensive lesson
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  14. Took installer 8 hours to but this unit in 2006 beetle was charge extra for a German vehicle design. Suck, blow, suck did not work with my mild asthma had in only a month then went to smartstart 3 months then found lifesaver worked the best with my asthma. You be the judge… since everyone judges IID users anyway.

  15. Rose
    1 review
    Rated 1 out of 5 stars
    I didn’t even want to add a 1 star for…
    I didn’t even want to add a 1 star for this company & the staff including the roadside service they use. My experience has been the most frustrating, depressing, overwhelming, disappointing ridiculous experience ever. I have called them at least 35/40 times. Wait times of hours, disconnects, losing their calls, on hold with no call backs at least 6-7 times. ALL THE CUSTOMER SERVICE REPS HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO HELP. The MANAGEMENT SUCKS, not 1 of them have helped me in any way. I was on the line for almost 1 hour & 1/2 a few weeks ago & got nowhere, finally reached a manager, she put me on hold & once again lost the connection, she never called back. Most the time when this happens or we end a ridiculous call I’m crying. It has caused stress, high blood pressure my ulcer to act up, mental anxiety, loss of wages, cancelled appts. last 6 weeks I may have drove my car 3 times, of course I had to get a jump fro their roadside service (sucks too) I will say I have had 3 on time & quick service men that were great, other times a drug addict 3 hours late, no tools, he pulled over a biker on a Harley to help us! He had the wrench we needed to unscrew my battery, I was stuck in a garage at the hospital for 5 hours till 1am! Intoxalock tells me it’s my battery, we troubleshoot it & still it’s draining it. I do what they say & it’s still doing it, the so called manager today had the nerve to tell me,”the reason why your car isn’t running is because you haven’t been driving it!”Talking over me not letting me talk is what they do best at this place. I told her once again I can’t drive it because it won’t start thanks to the Intoxaloc Unit. she says why don’t you have another unit put in I said excuse me but did you read all the notes for the last six weeks all the calls all the information did you hear what I just said that none of the five representatives before you listened,I have had a 2nd unit put in! My car runs worse now! I spoke to 5 of them today, I had to tell the story over & over then they act like I’m the bad person why because I made a human error a mistake after losing my dad to Covid then three weeks later I lost my brother to an overdose last year. Yeah I had a bad time I decided to drink with my family, I was sobbing on the way home, I swerved and that’s how I got stopped. Yes I was over the limit no I didn’t hurt nobody or myself I just happen to mess up a human error which we all do. It will never happen again no more drinking and driving for me, I feel like I am judged and talked down to. These intoxalock reps have no clue how to handle us real live people. I am told call back the next day durover and over again to call between the working hours which I work those hours & I do only to hang up in tears w/NO resolution. they tell me you need to have an inspected but if it comes back it’s your car you have to pay the fee, it’s the unit causing the trouble I’ve never had problems before, I had a mechanic come out 3 days ago which I had to pay $75 for him to look at my car he says it’s the unit. I keep getting the same thing, you need to drive yourself car! ICANT IT WONT START CUZ ITS DRAINED EVERYDAY!! I can’t drive it it will not start then they refer back to the circle it’s your battery, I’m like somebody please shoot me now because I swear I’m talking to a wall or a two-year-old. Few weeks ago they tell me to have an inspection I say OK let’s do it. They send over the work order the company they sent it to never called me so I called them, he tells me to get a solar panel unit, says most of the time will solve the problem it will make no sense for them to come out to tell me this. and I will get stuck with the bill. They have the nerve to say we set an appt for you! All they did was fax the work order to them! They don’t know what they are doing. Tell me you need to have your car towed so they can jump the car, I said you’re not listening to me I was told to get an inspection this dude said for me to get a solar panel nobody’s helping me please help me I beg them in the end I’m told by the so-called manager I need to start with my battery because I’m not driving my car those were her words, because I’m not driving my carMy battery died, that’s not the case it’s draining my battery it’s a good battery it’s mint condition car and now it’s running like crap. Also the roadside service said I used all my services now I have to pay cash! It’s too much! I will write to every review site about this. People need to knowI feel like that system has jacked up my car. I have called so many times, no empathy, care or help. It’s all in me. On top of it I pay them monthly &120! They owe me 140$ from a lockout the unit caused! is just ridiculous this whole thing is ridiculous we pay fines, fees we take classes,suspended license what to do all this stuff, pay thousands of $ to be miserable w/ intoxalock unit and service! Thought it was going to be better after I did all I needed to, but installing the unit is hell. THE DATE IS DAILY

  16. So device was installed improperly by a company referred to me by Intoxalock that had its license revoked previously, got it reissued, & then revoked again a month or two after installing my device.
    They didn’t explain the paperwork to me, did NOT train me on the device, & signed me up without my knowledge for the Device Protection plan, the lease sleeve, and the roadside assistance. I’ve been charged hidden fees for over a year.

    I was never given a ‘sleeve’ for the device; was charged over a year for it.

    Device was removed 10/14/22
    I continue to be charged.
    10/20/22 ‘Lease charge’ $46.97, Sleeve Lease $1.09, Rd assistance $5.46
    All of these charges occurred after the device had already been removed, and I had already paid ALL “closing fees”

    I wasn’t aware I was being charged these fees b/c they are small so they slipped through the cracks.

    When I reached out to let them know I never agreed to those fees, didn’t sign up for them, they agreed to discontinue charging me & refund the amounts but never did.
    So I continued to be charged for them the rest of the year.
    I was charged the set up fee of $30.04 TWICE.

    A few weeks before I was set to get the device removed, the fee for the ‘roadside assistance’ was changed from $4.37 to $5.46 (which was the previous amount always charged for the ‘device protection’).

    It appears that it was intentionally changed so that I would be charged a higher amount, unknowingly, once my contract was up.

    So in total, I have been illegally and/or incorrectly overcharged for:
    Data Processing fee overcharged- $3.38
    Set up Fee Charged twice: $30.04
    Service Date Change (all approved and not to be charged): $81.93
    Reset Lockout (Due to faulty installation; refunded for one, missing this refund): $54.64
    Device Protection Fee: $141.96
    Sleeve Lease (Never even got one): $30.52
    Roadside Assistance: $140.92
    10/20/22 Lease charge (Incorrectly billed after device and contract were done): $46.97
    Total amount: $530.36

  17. this company is seriously worse than being in jail. to get the device installed they said “the install fee will be $125” but when i get to the shop they charge be almost $200. Then when it comes time to get it calibrated i show up to my service station for my APPT i made through the app and the service center is out of business. i specifically chose this center because they are open late and works with my schedule so i miss the calibration. i call intoxalock and they say “oh no problem. we can just turn your device on for 2 hours tomorrow and you can go to another service center.” they didnt tell me about the $42 charge for missing the calibration. i try to use their road side assistance and intoxalock sold me coverage that they said will cover a tow for 15 miles for free. well the device doesn’t work so I cant get my vehicle started to go to the calibration. i try to use my 15 miles of free towing and I’m told that its actually not 15 miles its only $100 that is covered. i call to complain and they say i am covered for 15 miles. . no. no i was not. i look on their website to tow it to another service center and that service center hasnt worked with intoxalock and hasnt for months so now i have to pay out of pocket to have my truck towed 30 miles to the next closest service center just to have the device calibrated becasue im not allowed to remove the hand held unit and have my wife drive me to get it calibrated. seriously the biggest piece of shit company i ever had the unpleasure of working with.

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